Shoot w/ model Shay Garton

Presenting Shay Garton from JR Managment. 

Shay recently contacted me in regards to organising a shoot in-order to update her modelling portfolio. I was beyond excited to work with her after talking over looks and ideas. I love finding new talent and working with different people, it sparks a crazy amount of creativity, which I LOVE! 

Shay surprised me from the start, being quite young in the industry can be a daunting experience but she was well spoken, took direction and could delivery looks that some models struggle to obtain. I had the best time shooting with her in the backstreets of some of my favourite locations here in Newcastle. It was sunny, the sky was bright blue - it delivered amazing contrast and I took hold of it and boy did it deliver!! I'm so happy with all of the shots we created together.

Below are some of the shots from our shoot. Be sure to check out Shay's profile HERE
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Shay's Credits Include: 

Theatre -
'Madness' Various Characters/Lead
'With All Her Faults' Supporting Role
'Beauty and the Beast' Character- Feather Duster
Hairspray (Arena Spec) Character - Coloured Ensemble

Runway/ Shows -
2016 Toni & Guy Culture Shock Runway Show - Sydney - JR MGT
2017 Wella Look & Learn Show - Sydney - JR MGT

TV/ Video - 
2016 - NERVO Music Video - JR MGT

Headshots w/ Brittany Biles

I first met Brittany Biles in April of this year with Pantseat Performing Arts' production of 'Rent'. I was a part of the production's marketing and promotion team, filming and photographing content for the production.

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago when Brittany contacted me in regards to having some updated headshots taken. I was thrilled and jumped at the idea, booking her in straight away. She was a delight to work with once again, taking direction and nailing almost every shot and setup.

Brittany has appeared in a number of Newcastle productions, which include: 'Beauty & the Beast Jr' (Young Peoples Theatre), 'Mulan Jr' (YPT), 'Rent' (Pantseat), 'Starstruck' and 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' (YPT). 

Below are some of the headshots from her package, a collection of both colour + black and white. 
If you or someone you know is looking at getting some headshots taken, feel free to contact me via my contact us section OR shoot me an email at

Heathers: The Musical

In May of this year my partner Alexander Foster and I were contacted by Lia Bundy of WEA Hunter Academy of Creative Arts in regards to the marketing & promotion for WEA's upcoming production of 'Heathers: The Musical' in September.

We both immediately jumped at the opportunity and begun brain storming ideas. In collaboration with Lia, Alex and I were able to create a promotion list and schedule for the production. This included organising radio interviews with the cast, behind the scenes production photos, full show production photos and a nine part video series titled 'Road to Heathers: The Musical' - all of which was shared across WEA's social media accounts. 

We both began shooting content in July, following the production as it progressed, it was a large undertaking and we we're all incredibly excited! I can't begin to express just how talented the cast & crew of this production were!!

'Heathers: The Musical' just finished it 4 SOLD OUT show run at the Civic Playhouse in Newcastle (7th-9th Sept). Alex and I are incredibly proud to have been a part of the production and we can't believe that over 4 months of work has gone by so quickly! We can't wait to be a part of another production of the scale, its a journey I will never forget!


Director – Lia Bundy

Choreographer – Lauren Handsaker

Musical Director – Matt Bundy

Assistant Vocal Director – Eden Dennis

Set Design – Matt Bundy

Set Artwork – Aretha Williams, Konstanze Koedam

Lighting Design – Andrew Moore

Makeup & Hair – Anna Eggenhuizen

Stage Manager – Hannah Richens

Costumes – Kaswyn Hunt

Costume Assistants – Kimberly Dingle, Lia Bundy, Jamahla Brown

Stage Crew – Aretha Williams

Makeup Assistants – Tamara Kinsella, Lucie Horswell, Kartya Bailey

Production Photography – Alex Winner

Marketing & Promotion – Alexander Foster


Below are Production Photographs from the Final Full Dress Run on 6th September

If you would like to see the video series 'Road to Heathers: The Musical' we produced for the production please follow this link

Shoot w/ Pat Dibs

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with the incredible Patrick Dibben (aka @patdibs instagram star - he'll kill me for saying that). He's an Actor, Singer, Dancer and Model... so basically an all around amazingly talented individual! He was in the original Australian cast of 'Billy Elliot: The Musical' (2007-2009) and played the role of "Lumiere" in 'Beauty & the Beast: The Musical' in 2013.

He contacted me in regards to getting some new headshots taken, I gladly agreed and also mentioned that I would love to organise a shoot with him. So we decided to organise them at the same time, why not!?

I travelled down to Sydney for the day and we ended up shooting in some of my favourite locations in Newtown. I had a blast working with pat, he's equally creative and crazy as me so it lead to the creation of some pretty awesome images. 

Below are a couple of shots from our shoot, let me know your thoughts and be sure to like and follow Patrick's Instagram here

Alika + Jamie

Alika + Jamie's wedding day was a day that I will remember forever. Not only for the gorgeous weather or the ceremonies location or the incredible planning and not mentioning the reception antics, but it was the time that we spent all together during the bridal party photo session that I will remember forever!

They were married on location at The Retreat at Port Stephens, a venue which backs directly onto the stockton sand dunes (any photographers dream - also my happy place!). The location coupled with the enthusiastic bridal party plus the gorgeous work from White Hair and Makeup and Florals by Botanica Bird, it was a dream come true. The vast outlook of rolling hills of golden sand was the perfect backdrop for Alika + Jamie, there were no distracting buildings or intrusive common objects, just them. It was their story, their moment, and I loved every second of it!

Check out some snaps from their full day coverage below :D


Also how gorgeous are our Wooden Print Boxes, a perfect way to wrap up all of those important gorgeous memories. They now come with every one of our Wedding Photography Full Coverage Packages!! 

Monique + Nick

Monique + Nick are two of the most genuine, down to earth couples I have ever had the pleasure of  capturing. Their wedding day was full of love, and not just their own, their friends and family were unbelievable supportive and just as excited as the couple in the spot light. I can say without a doubt that this wedding day is one I will remember forever, and its not just because of the stunning dress (my jaw was on the ground) it was because of the fun I had with the entire bridal party during their photo session. Each of them were as crazy and animated as the other, this makes any photographers job an absolute dream!!

Everything about this day was amazing, the sky, the light, the people, the dress, the food, the flowers and did I mention the dress!?

I have said before that its amazing when friends become clients but its even better when clients become friends! I am beyond grateful that Monique and Nick chose me (over 2 years ago too) to capture their special day! Thank you x1000 guys!! I had an absolute blast!!

Check out their day below :D


Also how gorgeous are our Wooden Print Boxes, a perfect way to wrap up all of those important gorgeous memories. They now come with every one of our Wedding Photography Full Coverage Packages!! 

Must Go Faster Films- Short Film 'Hoax'

Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of Must Go Faster Films' latest project, titled 'Hoax'.  I was invited to be a part of the crew, acting as the Behind the Scenes (BTS) Director/ Photographer, which was incredible!

Filming over two massive weekends, starting at 5:30AM some mornings and finishing at 11PM some nights; it was a wicked shoot! I have been on multiple film sets before, especially with my production company, 7 Heads Productions, and this cast and crew were, without a doubt, an absolute joy to work with!

'Hoax' is based on the true story of Jonathan Moylan, an anti-coal activist who sent out a fake press release that wiped over $300m from a mining company's value.  

Check out the true story here.

Below are some of the shots I captured for Must Go Faster. It was an absolute pleasure working with these incredibly talented individuals!

Starring: Ben Purser, Kyle Shilling, Bobbie-Jean Henning, Stephen Mahy, Ben Klumpp and April Maguire. 

Cast + Crew: (Director) Charles Olsen, (DOP) Gavin Blyth, (Producer) Sam Eather, (Production Manager/ AD) Meg Ham, (DIT) Samuel Hutchinson, (AC) Alex Preston, (AC) Cate Hartmann, (Sound Recordists) Symon James + Ryan Brennan, (Boom Swing) Lachlan Turner, (Hair + Make-up) Anna Eggenhuizen and (BTS Director) Alex Winner.

Head Quarters Skate - Winter Line Shoot

Head Quarters Skate is the brain child of Brayden Wilkinson, a graphic designer turned entrepreneur.  A Newcastle small business established in 2015, HQ Skate specialise in street wear, urban skate boards and apparel. Brayden has been working hard on this venture for years and years. The force behind his business is purely to create and grow comfortable and wicked, wearable designs. His ultimate goal is to be one of the big boys, expanding globally, selling and growing his brand exponentially.

Check out his website here

HQ Skate has recently launched its online shop and winter 2017 line!! Seriously those rainbow hoodies are life!! I've got one and can't stop wearing it!! Check out some of the shots I produced for his website and social promotions below. 
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Brand - Head Quarters Skate                                                                  

Models - Alexander, Nicholas, Shellbi, Brayden 

Pantseat Performing Arts presents: 'RENT'!

Pantseat Performing Arts is a Newcastle-based theatre company founded in 2007. Since then, they have devoted their time to providing young theatre performers with a safe and enriching environment to hone their skills in creating and performing theatre. 

At the end of April this year, Pantseat took on the hefty endeavour of staging acclaimed Broadway musical, 'RENT'; a show about a group of young artists discovering themselves in New York City, all whilst coming to terms with their own involvement in the AIDS epidemic.

During the weeks leading up to the show, I was given the opportunity to help promote it. I shot cast headshots, photographed the last full dress rehearsal, and created some film content for the show's finale. 

Owner and operator, Lia Bundy, expressed in the program how much this production resonated with her and her family, and I now understand why. The show struck me with a profound feeling of love - "measure your life in love", regardless of wealth, religion, race or sexuality.

Being an openly gay man myself, 'RENT' struck me as a beautiful tribute to those who have lost their lives to AIDS, or are still living with it today. It's an issue that has transcended generations to still be a central topic of discussion amongst the gay community, and the discussion can't stop here.

I'm insanely proud to have been asked to help promote the show, and can't wait to work with Pantseat again in the future.

I want to thank Lia and Matt Bundy for letting me come on board, and the entire cast and crew for being such a positive, welcoming group of creatives to work with. 

Below are some of shots from the final dress rehearsal and the film I made for the show's finale, so take a look and let me know what you think :D

Manifesting Workshop

Recently I was invited to attend and photograph a Manifesting Simplified Workshop in Newcastle run by the amazing Kinesiologist Renee Wilkinson. Manifesting is about you CO-CREATING with the energy around you. It is about finding and aligning with what you want to create in your life. It is about conscious decision making and action taking.

The whole workshop went for 3.5hours, it was an immersive experience, it was comfortable and welcoming. Even though I was the only gentlemen in the room with a giant camera in hand, I felt at ease and calm, truly one of the nicest shooting experiences I've had. 

The workshop was held at Twine Yoga Studio
You can find Renee's Website Here