Editorial Bridal Shoot

It doesn't really matter what kind of photographer you are, but if you're ever offered the opportunity to capture a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful white dress, naturally you would say YES! It's almost ever photographers weakness, that plus long grassy fields and golden hour. I've always wanted to put together a bridal editorial styled shoot like this, and last week after months of planning it came true. 

This shoot has been in the works for over 5 months now, and its amazing just how much planning has to go into something as simple as a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful white dress. Between finding models, sourcing locations, order or constructing dresses, hair + makeup, finding a florist, logistics ie. dates, money etc. I really admire the effort that my wedding clients put into their wedding days now, after all it's a mammoth task, you guys are legends!!

The dresses were the first item on my list, so naturally I went straight to Pinterest. I fell in love with two dresses straight way, one from the Zuhair Murad 2016 collection and the other a Azalea Lace Dress. All of these ideas began flooding my mind and then I looked at the price tag..... I was dumb founded. Being a little savvy I was able to track down two dress makers through Etsy that made almost identical replicas of both dresses, with the added bonus of made to measure.

Next on my agenda was trying to find models that were gorgeous, available on certain dates and most importantly fun to work with. Thank god I have some amazing friends, I found two modes straight away (Jess + Amber) I got their measurements, sent them away and waited for the dresses to arrive. Two items ticked off my list. 

The next challenge was finding a florist that could deliver the vision that I had in my mind, I immediately contacted Rachael Cullen at Botanic Bird. I just want to take a second to talk about the genius that is Rachael, she is next level, her arrangements, vivid use of colour and her imagination absolutely astound me! I was so incredibly honoured when she said yes to working with me on this project and I can't thank her enough for delivering x10000% more than I asked for!! The first time of I saw what she had created for me I screamed and couldn't speak, unbelievably gorgeous!! I can not recommend her highly enough!!!

Anyway, calming down now, once all of that was sorted the next thing was to look at hair + makeup. I would've been an absolute idiot to have looked past the skills of Amber Travers. Amber is by far the craziest, sweetest, brilliant makeup artist I know! This girl can turn a look in minutes and is one of the most amazing friends ever!! Plus it also worked out well that she was modelling for me also, Bargin! hahaha. 

With everything delivered, planned and sorted we all ventured off last week towards Boat Harbour at Anna Bay, Stockton Sand Dunes and Glenrock State Forrest. Below are a collection of my favourite images from the shoot, I really wanted to challenge myself on this shoot. I wanted to see if I could deliver my vision on every single image. I can say that I'm incredibly proud of myself and everyone involved in making this happen, I love you all xx. I hope that you all enjoy this collective work, we have had some much fun!! 

Models: Jess Carson + Amber Travers

Dresses: (Jess) 2016 Zuhair Murad Boho Wedding Dress Replica + (Amber) Azalea Lace Boho Wedding Dress Replica

Florals: Rachael Cullen @ Botanica Bird

Hair + Makeup: Amber Travers MUA

BTS Photography + Editorial Assistant: Spencer Harwood

Locations: Boat Harbour, Anna Bay + Stockton Sand Dunes, Stockton + Glenrock State Forrest


Below are some Behind The Scenes images captured by the incredibly talented Spencer Harwood. Thank you for being a part of this shoot spencer, your assistance and gorgeous face is always welcome at any of my shoots :D