Karla + Craig

Karla + Craig's wedding day was incredibly relaxed, from shifting ceremony locations last minute to broken toes, nothing affected their day! It was incredible! After months and months of emails and messages back and forth, I finally met Karla on her wedding day. This rarely happens as I love to meet all of my clients before their wedding day to get to know them. This however didn't affect their day, I felt like I had known them both for years. They made me feel so welcome, it was truly amazing! 

They were married in Soldiers Point on one of the windiest days of the year it seemed, this didn't ruin their day. They embraced it and ran with it, I loved it! Not only was Karla + Craig's energy awesome their bridal party was insane!! Thank you Thank you Thank you so much guys for keeping it going all day and all night! From cracking jokes, pulling faces and taking sneaky flask drinks, they were amazing! 

Karla + Craig's reception was intimate and beautifully DIY decorated, they went above and beyond! Everything ran smoothly, even after it seemed Craig had broken his toe walking (attempting to breakdance) down to the reception venue. Its the first wedding that I can say I witnessed the groom break something. Absolutely hilarious!! 

A huge Thank You to Karla + Craig for choosing me to capture and be a part of their day! Thank you so much guys, I had the best time! xx

Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-227.jpg
Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-229.jpg
Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-231.jpg
Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-225.jpg
Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-247.jpg
Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-241.jpg
Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-243.jpg
Karla + Craig - Wedding Finals-245.jpg

Below is a little look at Karla + Craig's final Wedding Photography Package before it got wrapped up and sent away to them!

My favourite part of any wedding :D