Nick + Karina

Nick + Karina, where do I begin? Nick + Karina’s wedding day was something to behold! Planned expertly, down to the minute, styled to perfection and full of love and laughs. Everything you could’ve asked for and more! It’s a day that I would love to live over again!

I’ve known Nick for a couple of years now, working with him on various film sets and projects. When he contacted me and asked me to have a meeting with Karina and him I was overwhelmed with excitement. It was truly an honor to have been given this opportunity to capture their day for them. We met a couple of times and planned everything out together and locked all of the details together.

They’re coverage started early for me, meeting the girls a WAK Salon in Hunter Street Newcastle where the champagne was flowing and their faces were getting beat to perfection! Then it was off to Nick’s prep where I felt like I had stepped into a comic book… and of course ‘The Flash’ was present! From the custom cups, T-Shirts and Socks it was wicked! I absolutely loved it!! The boys were in high spirits, even before the Jager Bombs haha.

Once I got to Karina’s house it felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Remember how I said everything was planned out to the minute, well everything already prepped and laid out. The dress was hung gorgeously, the shoes and flowers – everything was perfect! Seeing Karina see herself in her dress for the first time was magic! Pure Joy!

They were both married on the grounds of Albion Farm Gardens, by the fabulous Nell Dark-Jones from Sassy Celebrants. Being one of the sunniest and hottest days of the years almost they persevered and tie the knot. We set off on golf carts around the gardens for photos and I was overcome with just how gorgeous the setting was. A massive Thank You to Kate from Albion Farm Gardens for helping us out! Absolutely stunning!!

Their reception was at the Terrace Bar on Hunter Street. The place was packed with Family and Friends. Good vibes only! Nick’s speech was incredible and highly punny haha! A shout out to Prestige Inc. for providing the good vibes for the entire night. Once all of the formalities were said and down, the high heels were gone, the slippers were on and the dancing begun! It was off the hook, thank you guys for providing me with hours of entertainment while processing your images.

Nick + Karina, Thank You So So much for having me! I truly feel blessed to have you guys in my life as friends and now as clients! I’m loving your wedding photos, enjoy a “small” collection of shots below… all 140 of them, I couldn’t help myself haha


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Nick + Karina - Blog Pick-17.jpg
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Nick + Karina - Blog Pick-50.jpg
Nick + Karina - Blog Pick-68.jpg
Nick + Karina - Blog Pick-69.jpg

A little look at Nick + Karina's Wedding Package before it was all wrapped up and sent off to them both. I love this part of my job, especially when a wedding is as gorgeous as theirs!! xx