Dannielle + Daniel

I've been beyond excited to share this wedding on the blog. Dannielle + Daniel are two of the kindest, generous, down to earth people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. Their wedding day was SO relaxed and stress free, an incredibly rare experience.

They were married at Caves Beach on the grounds of the Surf Club by the fabulous Celebrant Amy Logan!! The greatest thing about their wedding day was that it was all in the one location, this took away all of their stress. I asbolutley love it when everything is all onsite, it makes the day run so smooth and you're able to never miss a moment. Caves Beach is truly stunning! It's one of my favourite locations and when I found out that they had chosen it for their day I knew it would be something special. I mean you've got everything that you need right there, plus the sunsets there are insane!!

I want to take a moment and thank Dannielle + Daniel's Bridal Party. This pack of crazies was insane and it made their day amazing! From cracking very inappropriate jokes, photobombing nearly every photo and keeping the energy high, they were absolute legends. I do want to give a super awesome shout out to my main girl Tayla! She is like my spirit animal, and the best aunty to Dannielle and Daniels babies. I also want to take another moment and express just how much I love Dannielle's wedding dress, I actually almost dropped to the floor when I saw it! Its gorgeous, Thank You Ivory Lounge!!

Their day was full of emotion, tears.... plenty of tears, mainly from their youngest Daisy (who is adorable). It was an intimate day, surrounded by family and friends closet to each of their hearts. We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! 

Thank You Dannielle + Daniel for letting me be a part of your day. I'm so so happy that I got to be a part of your lives for a day and thank you for your friendship since. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the both of you! xx

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Dannielle + Daniel's Wedding Package all packed up just before sending it off to them. In love with this package!!