2017 in Review

WHAT A YEAR!!! 2017 has been absolutely insane, I feel like its flown by! 

I started this business of mine 3 years ago and I can't believe what a ride it has been. This year has by far been the best year, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic people that have shaped and changed me for the better.

I've had the pleasure of witnessing over 20 different couples tie the knot, capturing their day and partying with them until the late hours. I've worked with multiple companies this year creating content for their socials, websites and portfolios. I've been able to scout out talent and focus on passion projects of my own, creating content and art that excites me! This year has been incredible!! I've grown this year in ways I never could've imagined possible. My skills have gotten sharper, my craft becoming more and more proficient every day, my style has evolved and grown also.

Never Stop Learning is the biggest thing I can take away from 2017!

Trying to put together this final blog post was a challenge. Being a photographer I have my favourite images and my not so favourite images, but this year I've created a lot of content that has bought me incredible joy, so it was rather difficult having to pick my faves. But I managed to source through the 100,000+ images I shot collectively this year and narrowed it down to my 100+ favourite images. 

I want to Thank every single one of my clients from this year! You are all magnificent people and I can't begin to thank you enough for choosing me and including me in your wedding days, engagements, families, businesses, companies and close circles.  :D I love you guys xx

*2017 mic drop* 

p.s. Bring on Same Sex Weddings in 2018, so freaking excited. Love Fucking Won!!!!

Below are a collection of images from Weddings, Engagements, Artist/ Editorial Shoots, Commercial Work and Family Shoots.