Headshots w/ Christopher Shanko

Introducing to the blog the incredibly talented and charismatic Christopher Shanko. 
Chris contacted me recently with the hopes of updating his headshots, of course I said yes! I've worked with Chris on a number of different productions in the past couple of years, two of those being "Rent: The Musical" - presented by Pantseat Performing Arts & "Heathers: The Musical" - presented by WEA Hunter Creative Arts. He is one hell of a performer and an insanely talented individual! Check out the content I shot for those productions HERE + HERE 
Thank you for a great shoot with me Chris and I can't wait to see what these headshots book you!! Seriously, SLAAAAAAY!!!

Below are some of the headshots from his Headshot package, a collection of both colour + black and white. 
If you or someone you know is looking at getting some headshots taken, feel free to contact me via my contact us section OR shoot me an email at alexwinnerphotography@gmail.com