Kate + Cameron

Kate + Cameron were married on NYE last year in the surrounds of The Barn at Adams Peak! It was a magnificent day and the perfect way to say goodbye to 2016. The day started off cloudy with spots of rain, good luck of course. The sky however opened up literally 10mins before the beginning of the ceremony, causing the entire place to turn into a sauna, sweating through their suits and dresses they pushed through marking the occasion with humour. 

After the ceremony they retreated to the shade, where the groomsmen had the great idea of setting up the enormous white LOVE letters on the lawn. I was hooked on the stunning visual and couldn't stop taking shots of each attendee. 

We later explored the land, trekking through the long grass (a photographers love and biggest weakness) and standing underneath the most magnificent tree I've ever had the pleasure of shooting next too. The bridal party was also one of the craziest and most energetic I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The day was just perfect!!

They danced on through to the countdown to 2017 and celebrated this occasion with individual coloured sparklers. BREATHTAKING!! (video below). 

Enjoy some of my most favourite shot from the day!! 

Thank you for having me Kate + Cameron. 

Above: Kate + Cameron's wooden photo box and custom wooden USB, absolutely in love with this package!!