Jess + Aaron

Jess + Aaron Knight were married on the 11th March 2017. This wedding has by far been my all time favourite wedding, not only because it was photographically gorgeous but it just so happened that the client was one of my friends from school. 

When friends become clients it makes for an amazing experience, you already know each other and each others journey, it takes the intimacy and candid photos to the next level! This wedding is a pure example of this, I have never had as much fun shooting a day as I have with this group of ratbags.

Jess and Aaron meet on a date, she was impressed that he dressed up nicely and he was impressed that she could speak her mind and knew want she wanted. That date led to another date and then another date and then to a kickass relationship. The look of love and devotion in Aaron's eyes is so rare it truely is real love. Nearly all of the photos I shot of them both show this exact look, its pure magic!!

They got married at The Lockup on Hunter Street Newcastle and had their wedding reception at Merewether Surf House Newcastle.  Flowers were provided by Belflora (shout out because they were amazeballs) and their celebrant/ MC was the outstanding Matt Purcell (this dude is amazeballs too). Makeup by the lovely Makaela Toomey. 

The story of their day is below.