Head Quarters Skate - Winter Line Shoot

Head Quarters Skate is the brain child of Brayden Wilkinson, a graphic designer turned entrepreneur.  A Newcastle small business established in 2015, HQ Skate specialise in street wear, urban skate boards and apparel. Brayden has been working hard on this venture for years and years. The force behind his business is purely to create and grow comfortable and wicked, wearable designs. His ultimate goal is to be one of the big boys, expanding globally, selling and growing his brand exponentially.

Check out his website here

HQ Skate has recently launched its online shop and winter 2017 line!! Seriously those rainbow hoodies are life!! I've got one and can't stop wearing it!! Check out some of the shots I produced for his website and social promotions below. 
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Brand - Head Quarters Skate                                                                  

Models - Alexander, Nicholas, Shellbi, Brayden