Must Go Faster Films- Short Film 'Hoax'

Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of Must Go Faster Films' latest project, titled 'Hoax'.  I was invited to be a part of the crew, acting as the Behind the Scenes (BTS) Director/ Photographer, which was incredible!

Filming over two massive weekends, starting at 5:30AM some mornings and finishing at 11PM some nights; it was a wicked shoot! I have been on multiple film sets before, especially with my production company, 7 Heads Productions, and this cast and crew were, without a doubt, an absolute joy to work with!

'Hoax' is based on the true story of Jonathan Moylan, an anti-coal activist who sent out a fake press release that wiped over $300m from a mining company's value.  

Check out the true story here.

Below are some of the shots I captured for Must Go Faster. It was an absolute pleasure working with these incredibly talented individuals!

Starring: Ben Purser, Kyle Shilling, Bobbie-Jean Henning, Stephen Mahy, Ben Klumpp and April Maguire. 

Cast + Crew: (Director) Charles Olsen, (DOP) Gavin Blyth, (Producer) Sam Eather, (Production Manager/ AD) Meg Ham, (DIT) Samuel Hutchinson, (AC) Alex Preston, (AC) Cate Hartmann, (Sound Recordists) Symon James + Ryan Brennan, (Boom Swing) Lachlan Turner, (Hair + Make-up) Anna Eggenhuizen and (BTS Director) Alex Winner.