Heathers: The Musical

In May of this year my partner Alexander Foster and I were contacted by Lia Bundy of WEA Hunter Academy of Creative Arts in regards to the marketing & promotion for WEA's upcoming production of 'Heathers: The Musical' in September.

We both immediately jumped at the opportunity and begun brain storming ideas. In collaboration with Lia, Alex and I were able to create a promotion list and schedule for the production. This included organising radio interviews with the cast, behind the scenes production photos, full show production photos and a nine part video series titled 'Road to Heathers: The Musical' - all of which was shared across WEA's social media accounts. 

We both began shooting content in July, following the production as it progressed, it was a large undertaking and we we're all incredibly excited! I can't begin to express just how talented the cast & crew of this production were!!

'Heathers: The Musical' just finished it 4 SOLD OUT show run at the Civic Playhouse in Newcastle (7th-9th Sept). Alex and I are incredibly proud to have been a part of the production and we can't believe that over 4 months of work has gone by so quickly! We can't wait to be a part of another production of the scale, its a journey I will never forget!


Director – Lia Bundy

Choreographer – Lauren Handsaker

Musical Director – Matt Bundy

Assistant Vocal Director – Eden Dennis

Set Design – Matt Bundy

Set Artwork – Aretha Williams, Konstanze Koedam

Lighting Design – Andrew Moore

Makeup & Hair – Anna Eggenhuizen

Stage Manager – Hannah Richens

Costumes – Kaswyn Hunt

Costume Assistants – Kimberly Dingle, Lia Bundy, Jamahla Brown

Stage Crew – Aretha Williams

Makeup Assistants – Tamara Kinsella, Lucie Horswell, Kartya Bailey

Production Photography – Alex Winner

Marketing & Promotion – Alexander Foster


Below are Production Photographs from the Final Full Dress Run on 6th September

If you would like to see the video series 'Road to Heathers: The Musical' we produced for the production please follow this link