Shoot w/ DJ Danny

I've been sitting at my desk for over an hour trying to write this blog post, and its a tough post to write because I'm unsure how to put into words my admiration and love for this powerhouse of talent. DJ Danny is one of the most creative and coolest emerging artists in the DJ/ Festival Scene. 

A little bit of backstory for you all, I've known Danny for over 16 years!! We meet in school at the beginning of 2002, she was an awkward kid, I was an awkward kid, so naturally we became best friends immediately. We were inseparable at times, throughout many schools years we were in the same classes and many people mistook us for brother and sister, much to our own joy we convinced a lot of people that we were haha. As we got older we still remained best friends, even through navigating the challenges of High School. I always thought of Danny as more than a friend, she was family to me, so much so that she was actually the first person I came out to... and her the same to me! What are the odds!!?! I couldn't have been more proud to share the majority of my young life with this girl, she has helped me in more ways than anyone else ever has. 

I'm so unbelievable proud of her, she has so much raw talent and skill! Watch out for this chick because she will be headlining her own stages, tours, producing tracks for herself and big name artists in no time! 

Below is a little list of her accomplishments to date, BLOWN AWAY!!!

- Won DJ Competition 'Your Shot' (Day 1 - out of 5,000 contestants) 2016

- All Friends Greece DJ Competition Finalist 2017

- FKAGENRE Winner 2017

- Played at some of Australias best venues such as Chinese Laundry, Holds a residency on the Main Stage of HOME THE VENUE, King Street Hotel, The Small Ballroom.

- Played Festivals: This That (2016/2017) + OKTOBERFEST

- Just got signed to Jump Touring Agency

- Production in the background and looking to take on overseas stages in 2018 (NZ, Indonesia + Japan)

- Contract Deal with Casio

Check out some of the shots from our 'Catch Up Shoot' recently below :D