Amy + Josh - Couples Session

Introducing to the blog Amy + Josh, I recently caught up with these two lovers for their pre-wedding Couples Session. Chasing that golden hour around the streets on Newcastle, nothing could be more perfect!! I freaking love making these posts and showcasing these shoots, and as I was putting theirs together I couldn’t help but just smile like an idiot. These two are the bee’s knee’s!!


Amy + Josh meet at the Cambridge Newcastle a little over 8 years ago after being introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Josh used a quote from the ‘Mighty Boosh’ (her favourite show) without knowing and basically melted Amy’s heart, and so their romance began. When I asked them both what their first impression of each other were, I wasn’t shocked to hear that Amy said ‘His Height’. As you’ll see in the image below Josh is rather tall and Amy is rather petit, something that Josh thought was cute. When I asked about a favourite memory, I honestly didn’t except such a romantic response. Josh flew to London to surprise Amy for her 23rd birthday, and then to Paris in which they had a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. Like…. OMG!! They hadn’t seen each other for a month at the time. They’re Perfect!!

These guys are fearless, from asking them to slow dance and boogie like teenagers in front of a crowded dinner area too floating the idea of them spinning each other around in a discarded trolley (you’ll see below). I had so much fun trolling the golden waterfront of Honeysuckle with them and then throwing out the idea of a rooftop at sunset. I just want to take a moment to thank Josh for truly being fearless and going along with my rooftop idea, it wasn’t until we got to the location that I found out he was afraid of heights… but the photos we captured…. ugh I melt!

I don’t want to keep rattling on, because we all know I will haha!
Check out their Couple’s Session below, so excited for their wedding in July!!