I took a little break this weekend to share in an experience that is truly unique and gratifying! This post will be a short pause from my regularly scheduled pretty wedding/ couple content, I don’t really like lumping myself in that box anyway.  I have been able to witness the growth of a truly incredible soul very close to me over the past 6 years, an artist that in my opinion is profoundly unique, someone who’s vision and creative energy is un-paralleled. 


I introduce Bleck, a trans-feminine emerging creative based in Newcastle NSW, whose practice encompasses performance, film, dance, poetry, sound, graphic and wearable design. She draws upon her visions, nightmares and life spent processing trauma, her practice creates a means of exploring gender and representations of non-binary experience; a space of escape for self-exploration and actualisation. 

I have been fortunate enough to work and grow alongside Bleck for a longtime now, constantly exchanging ideas, visions, scenes, shots and creating moods for films. We’ve shared stories, alcohol, tears, laughter, advice and goals. She has stuck with me through a lot of heartache and pain, from which we have both used to fuel our creative endeavours, Yus Hunny!

A couple of months ago I found out that ‘The Lock-Up’ in Newcastle (an award winning independent multidisciplinary contemporary art space and creative hub) were featuring an exhibition called ‘KNOWN l UNKNOWN’. They had reached out to Bleck and asked her to construct artwork for the exhibition. This would be her first ever-public exhibition!! 

Trusting me with her vision, Bleck and I started planning, scouting and producing visual content to go alongside practical pieces for this proposed walk through experience. Featured in this post is a clip from the film we shot in a disused commercial warehouse in Newcastle as well as Final/ BTS images from our shoot together + a little exhibition clip. 

Last nigh after months of anticipation it was finally time to witness the exhibition in the flesh. Being able to experience Bleck’s installation in a tactile physical sense was something I can’t even begin to describe. It was an emotional, visceral, and graphic self-exploration of gender and how we all place ourselves into this world. 

To say I’m proud of Bleck would be a huge understatement; I honestly can’t even begin to thank her for letting me be a part of this incredible first stepping stone.
Love you B, this is only the beginning! xx

Check out ‘The Lock-Up Art Space ‘KNOWN l UNKNOWN’ is now open from April 6 - 26 May 2019
Details can be found here:


Below is a collection of videos, the first is a 1 min extract from the 7min Final Cut showcased at ‘KNOWN l UNKNOWN’ the next couple of videos are Behind the Scenes from the Location Scout + Principle Photography + Opening Night of the Exhibition.