I honestly don’t even know where to start with trying to describe this woman. I could go on about her incomparable talents both on stage and screen, her ability to light up any room she enters, my love for her fool potty mouth sometimes, her undeniable beauty and fierce f@#king rest bitch face. But I digress…. who am I freaking kidding?!? I LIVE FOR THIS GURL!!


I feel like this shoot was in the planning for what seems like 6 or 8 months or even was in talks from the very moment we met each other. I’ve been perplexed by her character and couldn’t wait to get her in front of the camera. So, just like that we threw ideas back and forth, so many images and lewks, styles, trends…. it was all starting to get a little grandiose. We both decide to keep it simple, bare bones, I arrived at her house with my camera and just started going through her wardrobe.

This shoot was born in Charlotte’s closet, not gonna lie, the woman has this uncanny approach to fashion with a style all to her own. Each leeeeewk we created birthed a fascinating character forth, each one held themselves differently and spoken to a moment. If you’ve gotten this far in this blog post you’re probably thinking ‘what the fuck is he on about’….. we basically had a very simple creative afternoon trolling through a closet and created 4 different scenes.

And too that I give you…. CHARLOTTE