Eliza + Tristan

Now that these love birds are finally back from their gorgeous 3 month working honeymoon in Japan, I’m so excited to share their summer wedding day on the blog! Eliza + Tristan’s wedding was freaking incredible, intimate and my gawd it was hot hot hot! Talk about a steamy summer wedding! They were married during one of our freak January heatwaves, but did that stop them, nope! They were absolute legends about the entire thing and pushed through no complaints. Their ceremony took place at Webb Park near Redhead Beach, one of my all time favourite locations. The sun beating down on them as hot winds tried brushed beautifully sculpted hair in every direction.


I initially met Eliza and Tristan almost a little over a year ago and then first shot them during their pre-wedding couples session (which you can find HERE). They are truly two of the kindest and sweetest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and capturing. Their warmth and love for each other literally transcends through their images. Also featured in their wedding blog post below is their adorable fur baby ‘Ajax’, he’s cheeky and mischievous so unfortunately he couldn’t attend the ceremony; but he made a surprising appearance just after the ceremony.

For their Wedding Party Photo Session we decided to venture to one of my other all time favourite locations, a secret little bluff in Dudley. Drinks were flowing and the encouraged silliness was in full supply, sweating like crazy we all enjoyed our moments of calm before the EPIC reception. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more eclectic bunch of people on a single dance floor in a long, long time! It was truly incredible to witness! Such a brilliant end to a fantastic wedding day!

Thank Eliza + Tristan for everything you guys have done for me, and thank you for letting me be able to tell the story of you day through these images! Enjoy guys! xx

Also check out their freaking stunning business in Japan! If you ever need a place to stay if your going over there, hit them up: www.instagram.com/legend.inn.myoko/


Dress: Grace Loves Lace

Makeup: Jasmine (Bridesmaid)

Hair: Amelia (Bridesmaid)

Florist: The Naked Florist

Rings: Mayfair Jeweller

Decorations: Crab Apple

Suits: YD

Venue: Redhead SLSC + Webb Park, Redhead

Celebrant: Marg Kish

Transport: Kobi Van (Andy)

Cake: Eliza’s Mum (Tracey)

Entertainment: ‘Aburey’