Emily + Andrew

Introducing to the blog Emily + Andrew! These freaking fabulous and all around phenomenal love birds, who got married recently in probably one of my favourite ceremonies to date this year! I have been waiting for what feels like almost 10 years for this day to come and I was beyond excited when Emily + Andy asked me to be a part of this all. Legit jaw was on the floor and the tears were streaming, I already felt a little bit like family to these guys but them requesting me to be a part of it all was like the cherry on top!


I first met Emily through my one of my best friends in high school, Maddi (Em’s sister) and I would constantly be hanging around their house after school, eating their food (thanks mumma Lynn) and for the regular sleepovers; I guess I was the typical gay best friend role haha! I feel like I was a welcome immediately, a testament to the Braithwaites, and it was here that I began to see Emily + Andrew’s little love affair unfold.

I first met Andrew back when he had quite a long and somewhat stylish hair-do, Emily would come to call this her ‘Messy Music Boy’. They initially met each other through high school, and I couldn’t get them to pin point the exact moment they first said something to each other but Emily remembers taking his photo at some event (perfect little meet cute right there).

I know that I said their ceremony was one of my favourites from this year to date, and for good reason! I mean look at where it took place, The Mansfield on Manning, HOLY FUCK YAAAAAS! It was stunning, and a high point of praise goes to Em for this one. She searched high and low for the perfect venue and man oh man did she pick well! If you’re ever looking to hold your wedding anywhere please pick this venue and also pick me, I’m fighting to get back there I swear! Their ceremony was beyond words! Everything from their personal, hilarious and well rehearsed vows to Emily’s snotting tissue hiding skills (she legit just slid it straight into Andy’s jacket, no fucks given) and then that confetti! Can we talk about the confetti!?! HOLY SHIT! It was perfeeeeeeeeect and it felt like it just didn’t stop, photographers dream! *also thank you Mumma Lynn for coming and hugging me straight after the ceremony before hugging your own daughter, I will remember that forever, she’s my other mum ya’ll!

From dancing around the grounds, to playing silly games with the wedding party and complaining about the heat. I had the best time with this stone cold pack of weirdos. One of my favourite things about Emily + Andrew’s day too is that they kept their ‘Wedding Party’ just family - Emily’s brother and sister (Jack and Maddi) and Andrew’s sister (Elise). It made their whole experience seamless and stress free, they could just be themselves with each other and they had no problem holding back their wicked sibling charm, points to Maddi here! haha!

Their reception was nothing short of spectacular, and all DIY decorated by the way - Emily is a freaking wizard ya’ll, oh and that fringe yeah thats right she made it!! Rustic, Boho, Disco Chiche is what I was told the overall ‘theme’ was haha! Special shoutout to MC Wes for including a ‘Carrie’ Sex and the City’ quote in his speech, from one gay to another I highly appreciated it! However I do have to take points away from him after he spilt wax all over my suit jacket during Em + Andy’s sparkler session at the end of the night. Apparently no one had a lighter, so we used a candle from one of the tables, but to be fair he also spilt it on himself, so HA!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Emily + Andy for letting me be a part of this Fucking Incredible Day!!
I have no more words, so everyone please just go and live their day with me again below xx


Dress: Gace Loves Lace

Florist: Sunnyside Florals

Rings: David Austin + Grandma’s Eternity Ring

Decorations: DIY

Suits: Peter Jackson

Venue: The Mansfield on The Manning

Celebrant: Helen Hising

Cake: Megan Bailey

Entertainment: Gypsy Royal