Gaby + Andrew - Couples Session

I recently caught up with Gaby + Andrew for their ‘pre-wedding’ Couples Session, a part of their overall wedding package. They were a little nervous before hand as they hadn’t done anything quite like a photo shoot together before, you know selfies just aren’t the same. I always hear the same thing, ‘were awkward in front of the camera’, ‘we don’t know what to do’, ‘HELP!’ haha! Every time I hear those phrases it gives me such a buzz, because taking great photos is so incredibly simple - just have fun and be yourselves! Be present in the moment and trust in your photographer. I love being able to make a couple realise their ‘PDA Potential’!!


Gaby + Andrew are getting married in May 2019 at Longworth House here in Newcastle, I’m so freaking excited for their wedding day after spending the afternoon trolling the streets of Newcastle with them. I took away two things from our first initial meeting together, their incredible proposal story and the fact that they named their dog and cat - Keith and Colin! Fucking Brilliant! These two are a perfect match!

I suggested started their shoot outside the ‘Grainstore’ here in Newcastle, and funnily enough that is were they originally met! Can you believe that, how cool?! A mutual friends of their set them up on a date, Gaby has no idea, but Andrew did… he even purposefully moved his friend out of the way so they could sit next to each other!

These guys are truly incredible and were so natural in front of the camera, joking with each other, playing little games, dancing like you wouldn’t believe and the kissing my gawd! I’m also so freaking happy that they were 100% on board with my suggestion of doing their Couple Session against an Urban backdrop! The colours, textures and lighting is to die for, I love adventurous couples!! These guys were no exception!

Enjoy their Session below!!
(I’m obsessed)