Headshots w/ Eden Dennis

Introducing to the blog the phenomenal Eden Dennis. 
I recently had the opportunity of capturing some brand new headshots for Eden, which gave me life, because I love Eden! I met Eden through Pantseat Performing Arts and have worked with her on a number of different productions and performances here in Newcastle. So of course when she asked for some new headshots I was eager to lock in a shoot :D

The same day we shot these headshots, later that afternoon Eden did something so brave and honourable for charity, she decided to shave her head. Yes, this was planned for a couple of months and I did know in advance. You may be thinking, why did she get headshots when she won't look the same in auditions? Well through the power of Stage and Screen, a little bit of magic can be worked... that magic being wigs! 
You can see the moment she shaved her head for Cancer Research only hours after this shoot HERE

Below are some of the headshots from her Headshot Package, a collection of both Colour + Black & White. I threw in an outtake also for good measure haha. If you or someone you know is looking at getting some headshots taken, please feel free to contact me via my contact me section OR shoot me and email at info@alexwinnerphotography.com