HQ Skate - Summer 19'

As most of you are aware by now I love working with this brand. I was there at the very beginning and I’m so insanely proud to see just how far Brayden (HQ Skate’s Owner) has taken it! Now standard in many boutique stores in the Hunter Region as well as a thriving flow a various Markets in Newcastle.. not to mention online!! He’s killing it!

When Bray reached out to me recently and said he had some new Merch he wanted covered, I had already grabbed my camera bag and was out the door. We’ve got some ideas in mind for new and exciting content to come, just require a little more planning, storyboarding and production hehe! Watch this space!


This is just a fun little session we had together one afternoon recently, repping those new summer colours and cuts! Check out the shoot’s images below as well as some vertical Promo videos I create yet again! I love doing all of this!! So excited for whats to come, but also check out my various other shoot with him previous in my commercial tab HERE

Models: Nat, Julia , the man himself Brayden

Oh, and Peaches - The Pooch xx