Jess + Mitch

Jess + Mitch - Look at these two love birds! STUNNERS! I honestly think I lucked out this year with my clients. Their wedding day was freaking perfect, regardless of everything that happened leading up to it (I get into that in a second), you couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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When I was first introduced to Jess + Mitch through her fabulous sister Rachel (Miracle Worker and Magician Extraordinaire ‘Botanica Bird’) I didn’t really know what to expect. However after a couple of truly amazing emails - or be it Novels haha - I felt like part of the family. I can’t even remember when we started chatting haha! Months of planning went by, countless emails, txt messages, and photos from Rachel, oh and one baby Joey later - it was wedding week!!

This brings me to three days before the wedding when I got a message from Jess telling me that the dry cleaner had completely destroyed her gorgeous vintage handmade wedding dress! I received photos alongside those messages to which I can only describe as a piss yellow fabric mess! I was Horrified!! This situation could’ve spelled disaster, however Jess’s bride tribe (freaking legends) snapped into gear and worked their magic!! A word that comes to mind when I think about Jess + Mitch is resilience, they are both two of the strongest people I know. To give a little context Jess was able to conquer Kidney cancer recently leading up to the wedding, while pregnant mind you - she is a freaking super hero! I can also report that she is now 6 months cancer free YAAAAAS KWEEEEEN!!

Now, I can’t even begin to describe in words how it felt walking in and seeing their ceremony/ reception setup! If you are reading this and planning a wedding or event or simple need some colour in your life, HIRE BOTANICA BIRD!!! Holy Fucking Wow (pardon my french) For months I had been bugging Rachel to let me know what she was going to do, I did not expect to see what I saw - absolutely UNREAL!! Anyway, I’m getting too excited, I shall continue.

Jess + Mitch were married in a gorgeous intimate (not so little) ceremony in Yarramalong by the incredible Married by Timothy - HIRE THIS MAN!!! Give your ceremony some character, and the sass it deserves!
Their ceremony was a little different to ‘normal’ ceremonies, I mean it was the first time I had ever witnessed the entire crowd being encouraged to grab a drink and communally cheers to the couple right before they walked back up the aisle! Legit perfect - very Jess + Mitch!

I have many favourite moments from their wedding day, however one stands out to me because it was rather enjoyable to laugh at now. At most weddings couples tend to hire a DJ or a small live trio to entertain, when I asked Jess + Mitch who they had selected for this ‘role’ I was surprised to hear that they had chosen a Rock Band ‘Eye on You’ - I quickly came to learn that this was the best decision ever! Holy F@#K, they were brilliant, loud (wait for it) and immersive, easily one of the best receptions I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. There wasn’t even a single spare space of room on the dance floor - it was filled!! Which brings me to my favourite moment, half way through the bands first set an unknown man, who we now assume to be the father of the bride from across the roads other wedding venue - yes two weddings across the road from one another - came over to the band an demanding that they stop playing. Crazy Right! In true Rock’n Roll fashion the band just kept on playing - It was a celebration and man oh man were they gonna celebrate, even through the rain they kept going!! LEGENDS!!

Anyway, I realise I’m now turning this post into a novel, if you still reading good on you - now check out their wedding below :D xx

Venue - Wyong Creek Hall Yarramalong

Dresses - Alice McCall, Romance Was Born + Handmade Brides Dress (Stone Cold Fox - originally), Skirt borrowed, top from Sheike) Celebrant - Married by Timothy

Florist + Styling + Decorations - Botanica Bird Cake - Rosie (Jess’s Brothers Partner)

Makeup - JMBA Jess O’brien Makeup Artistry Hair - Amy Claypole (Bridesmaid)

 Suits + Shoes - Connor, Grooms Jacket - Poltix

Rings - Dewal Jewellers Tuggerah (all rings handmade) Band - ‘Eye on You’

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