Lincoln's Rock - Blue Mountains

Okay, so it’s been a hot minute since I shared anything on the blog, but I’m back back back again….

June this year I decided to go on a little adventure to the Blue Mountains with a couple of friends to just get away from it all. We spent a couple of nights staying in this adorable Air bnb nestled in the Blackheath hills, drinking wine, eating cheese, and catching up with one another. I planned it in anticipation to my birthday the following week, which I was working - the lovely Emma + Jason, who’s wedding will be dropping on the blog soon (YAAAS). I was so lovely just being able to spend time in one of the most spectacular natural wonders Australia has to offer. Can you believe that this was my first time in the Blue Mountains, whaaaaaaaat??

Lincoln's Rock 29.06.19-56.jpg

I only planned on doing one thing and one thing only prior to arriving in the mountains, that was - visiting Lincoln’s Rock. I think I’ve been obsessed with this particular location longer than I’ve been shooting (9 years y’all). I remember seeing shots appearing on other photographers websites of weddings being held here, adventure photographers and maybe even Ken Duncan’s snaps … honestly can’t recall. However I knew that it was something that I wanted to soak up and witness in the flesh on day.

So at the end of Day 2, right at Golden Hour we arrived at Lincoln’s Rock. Now fore-warning since the rise of Instagram, this locations has also become a breeding ground for ‘Influencers’ and Travellers alike. Mayhem was one way of describing it, so being the cheeky person I am decided to go off path and explore the ridge to the left of Lincolns Rock…. Not a soul in sight! Blissful!

I wanted to put together this blog post just to show off a couple of shots I captured with 2 really dear friends of mine B + April - both artists themselves, and I also wanted to just publicly ask if any couples are planning on getting married in the Blue Mountains…. PICK ME PLEASE. I want to go back to this location so freaking bad, a wedding or couples session. Honestly, its heavenly! Okay, passionate freak out over haha!

This was easily the highlight of the entire Blue Mountains getaway for me, but being able to spend this with my closet friends and create art at the same time is something I’m so grateful for. Also check out a little vertical film I made of ‘B’ below: