Sarah + Cody - Couples Session

I recently caught up with these two freaking stunners, Sarah + Cody, for their pre-wedding couple session. They are both based in Dubbo and made the trek out to Newcastle for a little weekend away together, talk about commitment, am I right!? Legit, the night before I got snaps of them both doing face mask (at Cody’s hesitation) in preparation for the shoot haha! These guys are AH-MAZ-ING!


When I first met with Sarah and Cody a couple of months ago we couldn’t stop talking, our meeting could’ve gone for hours if we’d let it, we all just instantly clicked! These guys are two of the most phenomenal and resilient people I’ve ever met! When I asked them how They’ve been together since high school, 11 years in fact (practically married already haha! They have been through some truly tough times, but they haven’t let anything stop them!

Everything from life threatening surgery, to travel around Australia for four months in a campervan! These guys are truly one of a kind, adventurous and fun loving souls! I truly love adventurous couples, I have some crazy shoot ideas sometimes… this will explain the events of their couple session. I suggested that we start at Hickson Street Lookout in Merewether, the site of their Wedding Ceremony soon to come in September (so fucking excited!). They jumped at the idea, and we set about on an afternoon of silliness, laughter, practical jokes, dancing and well…. a shit tonne of walking haha!

I just want to fore-warn everyone, please forgive Cody’s sock tan, in his words ‘If you don’t have a sock tan, you ain’t living Barry’ - Tradie Lyf! hahaha! Spending the afternoon with these guys chatting about their wedding plans, being an unofficial tour guide for newcastle and running around on the beach chasing waves made me feel truly lucky to be a photographer. I absolutely love being able to meet new people and capture stories, through light, colour and tone! Sarah + Cody, I can’t even begin to thank you both for allowing me to be a part of this for you both, I am beyond speechless and obsessed with their session! Fuck, I love my job!

Anyway, I don’t want to rattle on and I saving their full story for their wedding day… my gawd I can’t wait!
Enjoy their session below!!