Shai - Family Session

Get ready for one of the cutest Family Sessions EVER!! I was contacted late last year by Shai, through instagram (I love you instagram), she was interested in organising a Family Session with me, just in time for Christmas! When Shai contacted me, we began discussing ideas and without any encouragement she picked Redhead Beach at sunset ‘Golden Hour’. I love it when clients come to me knowing exactly what they want, its honestly amazing, thank you thank you thank you!

Well as luck would have it we worked out a date and I was free, and then this lovely Australian weather decided to crap on our plans. That glorious idea of sunset was destroyed by ominous looking heavy grey clouds! Tough decisions were made!

Shai Maree_Family Session_Finals-69.jpg

Anyhow, after a couple of re-schedules later we finally landed on a date and it was a go! Oh my goodness, these kids! Next level! They were honestly such a breeze to work with, I know that its the age old saying to not working with children or animals, but these kids were incredible! I just let them be them, running around, chasing each other, playing ring-a-ring-a-rosie, flossing (Lace’s speciality) and just just playing in the sand, getting lost in their own little worlds. I can’t believe how much we lucked out this day, such an incredible afternoon together!!

I’ll stop gas bagging and you can just enjoy a couple of images from their collection below :D

Welcoming to the Blog Shai, Jayden, Lace, Barli and cute little Ziggy.

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