Steph + Tom

From the moment I first met with Steph and Tom I knew that I was in for something special, these are two of the kindest, generous, talented, truly honest people that I’ve had the pleasure of not only meeting but also capturing! I know that you may have heard me say something similar before, but truly these two are freaking incredible!! I have been waiting to share this blog post for the longest time, but I wanted to make sure I could do their wedding day justice! So strap in for one of the longest (not joking) series of images, all 250 of them… I just couldn’t pick from the thousand something. YAAAAS!


Steph + Tom were recently married in Canberra, their day would now mark the 4th wedding that I’ve now shot there and in all honestly I FREAKING LOVE Canberra! However their day was a little different to all of the others, Steph + Tom I can’t begin to thank you both for saying yes to all of my crazy ideas and different locations - legit these two got in a fucking Cherry Picker because I thought it would be cool haha! I find that most couples want to do the whole boho, pretty, lush bushland and greenery kinda thing… trust us, as photographers it can get kinda boring after a while. It was so refreshing to meet two clients that jumped at the chance to make their wedding a little more ‘urban’ - I mean graffiti on a wedding day, HELLO! Their creative careers kinda helped a bit, I guess…

Tom was a Graphic Designer when he first met Steph, she was working as the Marketing Manager for the CoCu group (a hospitality group). He was writing on on of the chalkboards, standing on top of a concerning looking chair when he was first introduced to Steph. He introduced himself first as ‘Tuxey’ (Tom’s nickname - don’t ask), Steph thought he was cute, talk, dark and handsome, she felt that they instantly clicked; Tom’s first reaction was quote ‘Finally! A hot chick in the office!’.

When I asked them both about their favourite memories of one another Steph mentioned three highlights; their first official date night when Tom threw hot pasta at the roof and it stuck, when he also brought a bunch of flowers into the office on the Anniversary of her Dad’s passing (she knew he was a keeper) and then of course the night he proposed. Tom’s favourite memory of each other was when they were overseas in America and Mexico, he remembered a rainy night they spent together in Jersey city eating pizza and drinking at a local Sports Bar.

Their wedding day was nothing short of perfect, I don’t use that word lightly, but my gawd it was perfect! Everything from Steph’s dress, the venues and locations, the groomsman walking down the isle throwing flowers to the tears pouring out from their family + friends, Steph’s mum in particular was a highlight for me - it was so honest and emotional, a proud mother!

Anyway I don’t want to rattle on any longer, I’m just going to let all 250 images below tell their story!


Dress: Maggie Sottero

Makeup: Kundalini

Hair: Kundalini

Florist: Farmhouse Blooms

Rings: BlueNile - Tom wore his late fathers Wedding Ring

Decorations: DIY

Suits: MJ Bale

Venue: Ainslie Gorman Arts Centre (Ceremony) + Gorman House ‘Main Hall’ (Reception)

Celebrant: Maddie Collignon

Cake: Sweetbones + Donuts by Woodbrook Caterers

Entertainment: DJ Ash Feraude