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Laura + Britt

Laura + Britt. I seriously don’t even know where to start with this post. Trying to put into words what this day meant to them and myself is rather difficult, honestly easily my all time favourite wedding!! I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but witnessing two of your friends meet, fall in love and then get married, and being asked to capture that magic is truly special!!

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I first met Laura back in 2013 when she moved into a share house I was living in at the time. Her effervescent energy and strong wit caught me immediately by surprise! She was honestly the best roommate, and then I met Britt, her quiet and calm presence was a refreshing twist! We got to know each other and I knew right away that they had something truly special, so special in fact that Laura moved out after only 3 months in our house. Breaking the lease, but I’m not bitter about it, anymore (haha). Keeping in touch over the years and seeing them move to Canberra, settle down and getting their fur babies made me so fucking proud!

December 7th 2017 would change everything! Same-Sex Marriage was finally legalised after a landslide ‘Yes Vote’ from the Australian Public! I knew that there was a change in the air and the excitement of finally being able to witness ‘Two People’ not just a ‘Man and Woman’ get hitched was utterly overwhelming. This little gay boy (Me Hi!) finally felt validated and accepted, like many of the Same-Sex identifying individuals across Australia.

Then I got a message one day from Laura (out of the blue) asking wether or not I would be interested in discussing their Wedding Photography, Laura and Britt don’t know this but I freaked out and started jumping around the house! Honestly a dream come true!! Months went by and countless emails later and boom - I was in Canberra ready for their Big Day!!

I’ve shot a lot of weddings in the past and overtime moments have started to blend in my mind, a standard shot list gets created if you will. However this day was truly different, and not just for the obvious reason that it was two women, but because of the family involvement. It just felt different, honestly truly special and rare! Britts Dad was a stand out for me, a man that wasn’t afraid to show his excitement and emotions for his little girl finally being able to marry, and a comedian for suuuuuuure!!

Before I turn this blog post into a novel, I want to recall a moment from their day that still demonstrates the need to be proactive and vigilant in the fight for respect and acceptance. During Laura + Britts Couples Portraits we had finished shooting and we were all walking back to the car, when we were stopped by a loud remark made by who I can only assume as a Female Baby Boomer. “Where’s the Grooms?” she projected, to Laura + Britt’s surprise they responded cheerfully “No Grooms, we’re getting married”, the woman responded by scoffing and calling it ‘Disgusting’ under her breathe. Honestly a WTF!? Moment.

We as Gay identifying people and the LGBTQI+ community at large are still facing persecution daily, even if it’s our wedding day or not! Let this be a lesson to everyone, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Kindness is Free! Use your voice to be a progressive force for positive change and unity!

Anyway, after that ‘unfortunate moment’ Laura + Britt shook it off and returned to their wedding venue. Walking down the aisle one after another (it tears of joy mind you), declaring their love for each other in front of their closest family + friends and partying strong into the night! To top it all off they ended it all with a festival of sparklers! FUCKING MAGICAL (mind my french haha)

Novel/ Rant Over haha! Enjoy their amazing wedding below!! xx

Venue - Hotel Kurrajong Canberra  

Dresses - Second hand from the Barefaced Bride + Karen Willis Holmes 

Celebrant - Marry Us Sally - Sally Shippard Florist + Styling - Miss Moss Florals

Cake - ohcupcake (Brittany Kocmar)  Decorations - Show Pony

Makeup - Makeup by Elicia Hair - Toria Jane’s Studio  Shoes - Iconic

Rings - Michael Gabriels DJ -  Ardanien Entertainment

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Laura + Britt’s FABULOUS Packaging Flatlay