Teagen + Jess

I am beyond thrilled to finally share this incredible event that I was recently a part of! Teagen + Jess, oh my goodness gracious, these two ladies are incredible and I’m honoured to have been able to capture these moments for them both. Yes, this is going to be a sappy-ish post, so strap yourselves in!

Teagen + Jess - Event Photography_Finals-101.jpg

Teagen + Jess contacted me the beginning of this year and asked me if I would be available to capture a ‘Same-Sex Wedding Event’. Obviously being the flaming homosexual that I am, I jumped at the opportunity and said yes, I was still on cloud nine since the landslide swing of the ‘Yes’ Vote! Finally a gig that resounded complete and total acceptance, I had been waiting for this forever!!

However, I was previously clued into a little secret, I was aware that these fabulous ladies were planning on eloping overseas. I didn’t know when or where, but since finding out in our final meeting these two are my complete spirit animals! Just imagine flying all the way to America, landing in Vegas and then getting married in Red Rock Canyon with some of the most gorgeous landscape and skies surrounding you! Legit my dream wedding!!

Bringing myself back down to earth now (haha), Teagen + Jess held their Wedding Reception event for Family and Friends back home recently in the gorgeous and newly renovated Mansfield House in Maitland. Witnessing the collection of friends and family coming together to celebrate two people who feel in love made me feel so proud about how we are progressing as a people and as a nation.

I honestly feel so lucky to be a photographer and tell peoples stories and connections through the medium of digital images, its one of the most rewarding things that I’m able to give back.

Teagen + Jess, you are both so incredible, kind, hard working, compassionate and hilarious people. Thank you for letting me be a part of these moments. xx

P.s. I request more doggos at Weddings and Events - introducing Kensie to the blog below!!

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