The Davo's - Family Session

The Davidson's, how do I begin to describe this incredible family? Hilarious is a word that comes to mind immediately, and man oh man were they in full form during their Family Session! I absolutely adore these guys, each of them has a special place in my heart since I've grown up being around them. I've known The Davo's (as I call them) since I was probably 8 or 9, its been a long time to say the least! John and Linda (pictured from the left below) have been almost like parents from a distance to my sister and I, and Jess + Chris almost a mirror image of my sister and I also!  

Davidson Family (Finals)-82.jpg

When Jess contacted me recently wanted to lock in a Family Session I was beyond excited and sprung at the idea! The Davo's wanted to update their Family Photo Frames with some fresh, colourful, warm and realistic images of what family represents to them; but also because your boy Chris was leaving the nest to live in America for 2 years! WOOOOO! So a final hooray, if you will! 

It was a freezing cold windy morning at Ash Island when we shot these images, not even all of our colds, running noses and coughs could dampen their spirits. Cracking jokes, counting all of our double chins, dancing like idiots and almost falling off the edge of the boardwalks - we pushed through and had legit the best time catching up, it hardly even felt like work haha! 

I hope you all smile and maybe laugh looking through their Family Session below :D

p.s. Bon Voyage Chris! ENJOY!! 

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