The Newburn's - Family Session

I recently caught up with this adorable little fam bam for a morning shoot in the park, complete with a tea party, bubble chasing and yes, some tantrums… nothing an iPhone didn’t solve haha! Introducing to the blog The Newburn’s!


I first met this incredible family at a recent wedding for two of the most incredible people, Beth + Dean (their wedding is coming to the blog very very soon). This is Beth’s sister Brianna, her hubby Dean and their two girls Laila & Brinley. I feel like I’m a part of the family now, their personal photographer as it were. As it turns out I’m booked to shoot their other sister Amber’s wedding in August and then their family friends Laura + Drew in November! I’m LOVING it!

I had such a fun morning wandering around the park, chasing the sun and bubbles with Laila all the while Brinley was the most perfect bubba. She peacefully slept through the entire shoot, even after being handed between Bree + Dean a million times. I know they say don’t work with children or animals or both (haha) but these two were an absolute riot! There was a little tantrum at one stage, but as we all know, as soon as kids spot an iPhone these days they are immediately transfixed. So we used it to our advantage haha!

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling and let you just look at their little Family Session below. Enjoy! :D