The Onley's

I recently caught up with this incredible, sensational, and extremely uniquely awesome family for a little reunion family shoot if you may. I introduce to the blog The Onley’s, I’ve known this family for quite a long time now and being able to capture an honest look into their family was priceless. I freaking loved spending this afternoon with them recently at King Edward Park. If I had to describe this shoot in three words: Food, Drinks, and Buffoonery.


I was contacted by the lovely and incredible Macey and asked if I would be willing to shoot the fam bam as a gift to their mum for her birthday. Of course I jumped at the idea, not only did I want to be involved in making these moments come to life, I also wanted to see them all; it had been like 4 or 5 years since I’d seen a couple of them in person. It was a reunion for us all in a way! haha!

I first met the Onley’s during high school, we all went to the same church at the time and we’re involved in different areas within the church. My sister was really good friends with both Lewis and Macey, and to this day I credit Lewis for helping me get involved in photography. Legit back in the day this dude inspired me to keep picking up a camera, learning and honing my skills; he even sold me one of his lenses. *For reference Lewis is the tall dark haired gangly looking guy, being a skinny tall gangly looking creature myself we fit right into the ‘skinny guy with a camera’ category haha!

When I asked where they would like to do their shoot, I immediately learnt they that one: hated the beach (thank gawd) and two: wanted to keep it relaxed and just naturally them. However when asked what they would plan on wearing, I didn’t expect to see all of the denim haha! When they get together it’s legit good food, good drinks, and games. This shoot was exactly that! I honestly can’t even begin to thank them all for letting me tag along and enjoy this afternoon in the sun with them! So much freaking fun!

Check out their Family Session below!!