YWC x BB // BTS - Styled Wedding

I’ve been shooting weddings for a while now, its been a hot minute to say the least, and I’ve always been fascinated by level of production that goes into the styling for each and every single day. Some people like to DIY’ it and others reach out too fabulous creatives that can make anything into a reality. So when Em from YWC Productions and Rach from Botanica Bird reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in throwing back the curtain on the styling for a wedding, of course I jumped at the idea and signed on! These Two are two of the best in the game, hands down! I’ve been obsessed with Rach’s (BB) work ever since we meet in 2017 and Em (YWC) is the easily a master of design, the aesthetics she can pull together - my god!! So we all met up and started discussing this little project.


I knew from the start it was going to be a big shoot, not only were we planning on filming the actual bump in of equipment and the two day setup but we also wanted to showcase the planning and shopping that happens prior to each event. This meant that I would have to wake up 2am and travel with Rach to the Sydney Flower Markets - something that I was incredibly excited about!! It’s pure madness, mixed with business and the best smelling warehouse. I can confirm however that I did get kicked out once for filming - but that wasn’t going to stop me haha!

Straight from the Markets to Dalwood Estate, we bumped in all of the equipment, the chairs, tables, lighting, cabling, florals, dishes, styling props, fabric, accessories all arrived and they moved with almost unspoken precision. Rach and Em made it all seems effortless, they’re pro’s after all. I was in awe, I couldn’t believe that they do this every week, week after week and with such attention to detail - it was magical.

I do have to point out that my favourite part of this entire experience was witnessing Rach foraging skills first hand. They had the idea to hang very large branches from the ceiling of the reception venue and decorate them with cascading flowers/ foliage. When the got to the venue, no large branches were in sight - so what did Rach do, she started searching. Low and behold she and I found them down near the riverbank and cheekishly asked the care taker (of Dalwood) if they could bring them up to us with their tractor… next minute this giant machine is delivering these two huge branches, the next minute they’re tied up and strapped to the ceiling. It was phenomenal!

I don’t want to waffle on to much, I might just let the video and photo’s below do all of the talking for me!

Shoutout to all of the wonderful Vendors that helped make this production what it was: